If It’s Moulding, We Make It.

We offer a wide variety of custom techniques including compo, embossing, veneer & We’ve shipped paper wrapping, foil/gilding, stain, paint, patina & special distress work, and our exclusive Nickellcoat™ finish.

Perfectly Matched Finishes

We have the ability to custom blend perfectly matched finishes to your existing standards, or create new ones. Our precision finishing system and stringent quality control insure every stick is right – every time.

Tough, Water-resistant Finishes

Our UV coating process wraps each moulding in an incredibly durable, water resistant finish, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets.

Defect-free BisonWood™

BisonWood (MDF) mouldings are the perfect fit where price and uniform appearance are important. They’re available raw, primed or painted, or in hundreds of veneer, paper, vinyl and foil wraps.

Domestic and Imported Species

Manufactured from FAS or #1 common stock, our hardwood profiles are available in virtually any wood desired, including red and white oak, cherry, poplar and ash.