If it’s Moulding, We Make It

Name the species, the color, the finish; it’s no stretch to say if it’s moulding, we make it. We offer a wide variety of custom techniques including compo, embossing, veneer & paper wrapping, foil/gilding, stain, paint, patina & special distress work, and our exclusive Nickellcoat™ finish. With over 30 years in the picture frame moulding industry, we have developed a diverse range of solid wood and BisonWood™ based capabilities.


From time-honored classic profiles to the latest trends in the market today, house stock mouldings provide you with unmatched value at a variety of price points. Whether you are looking for the quality, great looks, and versatility of solid wood or continuous, defect free, competitively priced, wrapped MDF, you will find it among the more than 70 mouldings available.

Available in a wide range of sizes, most of these random length profiles are in-stock and ship within five days. We have developed our own unique process to produce wonderfully detailed embossed mouldings that provide patterned relief at a great price point.

Invoking the appearance of exquisitely detailed, hand-crafted moulding, our compoed profiles provide a high-end look at an affordable price. If you do not see the item you want we are a truly custom shop. To us ‘custom’ means whether from a photo, sketch, or sample, we can reproduce the exact profile, substrate, and finish you need. Minimum order requirements apply.

Wrapped MDF

At Nickell, we’ve been perfecting wrapped MDF profiles for 40 years. MDF based mouldings have found wide acceptance where price and uniform appearance are important. They are available in hundreds of paper, vinyl, or foil wraps.

Solid Wood

Nothing beats solid wood for quality, great looks and versatility. Our hardwood profiles are available in virtually any wood desired, including red and white oak, cherry, poplar and cherry. Available unfinished or in a myriad of fine finishes, our wood profiles are manufactured from FAS or #1 common stock.

Primed/Painted MDF

Both wood and MDF mouldings are available raw, primed, or painted. Our MDF mouldings feature our special process that hides the rough fiber appearance otherwise associated with MDF profiles.


Invoking the appearance of exquisitely detailed, hand-crafted moulding, our Compo moulding provides a distinctive look at an affordable price.

Embossed Mouldings

We’ve developed our own unique process to produce wonderfully detailed, embossed mouldings.  Samples and more information available on request.

Custom Mouldings

The range of mouldings we supply is nothing less than impressive, from delicate 1⁄2-inch fillets to massive 10-inch wide frame mouldings and larger. Whether you need raw profiles or highly complex multistep finishes, we provide them all.