Environmentally responsible manufacturingEnvironmentally responsible manufacturing has always been part of our production process. We were one of the first companies in the industry to move from traditional solvent-based finishing to a water-based system, significantly reducing our VOC emissions. Our closed-loop, solids-based UV coating system eliminates waste that would otherwise end up in the air and water. We continue to make progress, integrating new technologies and manufacturing processes that make our workplace and environment a more friendly place to be.

Awards Winning Efforts

Awards Winning Efforts

Our environmental leadership has been recognized by a variety of local, state, and national organizations for many years.

Pro-active Quality Control

State Recognition

We are one of the few companies recognized for completing the rigorous requirements of Indiana’s Environmental Stewardship Program.

American Made

Made in America

We make the best right here in America. Through innovative manufacturing techniques and a focus on improving efficiency, we remain competitive worldwide.

Inventory Management

Convenient Location

Strategically located at the “Crossroads of America,” our Midwestern location in Elkhart, Indiana allows for fast shipping virtually anywhere in the US.